Growth Partners InConsumerized Health

Klick Consulting are experts at building growth across the spectrum of life sciences, consumerized health, and the emerging spaces in between.

Our Focus

We elevate the worlds our partners operate within by bridging the gap between strategy and execution. By analyzing challenges through the lens of our core offerings, we’re able to focus and refine key objectives into integrated solutions that accelerate top line growth.

Helping Organizations Grow

We have expertise to help you meet your growth needs. The following are just some of the ways we help organizations build value.

 StrategyDigital InnovationChannel/Geography ExpansionProduct ExtensionOptimization
Life Science, Biopharma, Med DevicePre-launch G2M assessmentCustomer experience assessment and enhancementTelehealth partnershipsPSP enhancementPartnership enhancement and refinement
Rx-to-OTC SwitchSwitch portfolio assessmentsUsing technology to help switchRetail sales assessmentBrand protection during competitive switchesPurchasing assessment and refinement
Consumer Health & Wellness1-year op plan/5-year strat planPersonalization strategy and implementationDTC channel developmentProduct licensing evaluationSales force and channel optimization


Klick Consulting is a purposefully integrated multidisciplinary team that starts early, learns fast and builds faster. By working extensively with the wider Klick ecosystem, our consulting experts create opportunities for success that are proven to work.

Our Work in Action

Building A Competitive Advantage in Personalized Therapeutics

Our client was launching a new, personalized gene therapy product globally. They aimed to drive service excellence right at launch by instrumenting their business to anticipate, find, and resolve issues across the therapy journey. Klick Consulting understood that adopting a services model meant creating a data strategy and architecture to capture data and generate insights that they had never needed to consider previously.

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Navigating the Red Ocean of Internal Innovation

An innovation group within a multinational life sciences organization possessing extensive experience in a variety of therapeutic areas was mandated to “disruption-proof” their organization. In practice, this meant working within an established therapeutic category to identify opportunities for novel interventions or underserved populations. We needed to find a way to make the idea tangible, evaluate it, and to do it all as quickly as possible.

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Creating a
Center of Gravity
for Curious People

Consulting in the space between clinical and consumer health demands talented individuals to identify and solve the problems of tomorrow, today. Meet our team of experts uniquely suited to do just that.