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Klick Consulting creates novel and effective innovation solutions to health’s toughest challenges, ready for the real world.

Our team is looking for problems that need a smarter approach.


Challenging problems don’t get solved with a single point of view or by one discipline.

Many problems in business can be solved with the right single specialist or type of expertise. But not all. We focus on problems that require a multitude of expertise with a breadth of perspectives and insights. Our team thrives on unraveling complex problems that will require a business-savvy, multidisciplinary approach to even begin to understand what’s at their core.

Creating a
Center of Gravity
for Curious People

Meet a group of insatiably brilliant polymaths, who are laser-focused innovators and agents of healthy change. Then aim them at your most wicked problems.

  • Amy Gómez, PhD, SVP, Diversity Strategy
  • Yan Fossat, VP, Principal Investigator, Labs
  • Gautam Gulati, MD, Medical Director
  • Jen White, MBA, Global Head of Growth
  • Paroo Uppal, MSE, MBA, SVP, Consulting
  • Keith Liu, MBA, Executive Vice President, Corporate Strategy
  • Mike Lieberman, MS, MPhil, PhD, SVP, Medical Science
  • Alfred Whitehead, MS, MAs, CISSP, EVP, Applied Sciences
  • Mark Watson, MSc, MA, VP, Innovation Consulting
  • Ali Vahit Esensoy, PhD, VP, Data Science

Solved Beyond Best Practices

Innovation isn’t just following somebody else’s playbook.

With applied sciences in our roots, discovery is at the core of our process. We let the solution guide us as we decode some of health’s most challenging problems. Our team is optimized to help when you need to break new ground, or when existing best practices aren’t cutting it.

Our Mindset

A culture of focused collaboration.

We analyze every challenge through the lenses of our core disciplines; focusing and filtering until we’ve found the precise point where our intervention will drive the most value.

Strategic Design
Behavioral Science
Data Science
Medical Science

Solved Outside The Conference Room

Testing and advancing ideas iteratively in the real world.

Our engagements don’t end with a constructed plan based on expert opinions. That’s just the starting point. We take solutions from theoretical to actual by testing in the real world to learn how well they hold up in outside conditions, validating that we’ve got the best answer to the right question.

Case Study 1

Building A Competitive Advantage in Personalized Therapeutics

Our client was launching a new, personalized gene therapy product globally. They aimed to drive service excellence right at launch by instrumenting their business to anticipate, find, and resolve issues across the therapy journey. Klick Consulting understood that adopting a services model meant creating a data strategy and architecture to capture data and generate insights that they had never needed to consider previously.

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Case Study 2

Navigating the Red Ocean of Internal Innovation

An innovation group within a multinational life sciences organization possessing extensive experience in a variety of therapeutic areas was mandated to “disruption-proof” their organization. In practice, this meant working within an established therapeutic category to identify opportunities for novel interventions or underserved populations. We needed to find a way to make the idea tangible, evaluate it, and to do it all as quickly as possible.

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Molecular Binding Diagram

Applied Science

Enabling science at the speed of business.

The life sciences industry has many high-quality scientific teams that specialize in deep expertise on specific topics. Our applied science practice is about solving the problems that happen at the overlap between these disciplines. With a strong foundation in medical and data science, we’ve expanded into countless industries, allowing us to think about problems with a new perspective and make connections outside the norm. We focus on industry challenges where single-discipline approaches aren’t enough, and we specialize in bringing the best of the labs together in pursuit of tangible results.

Young boy wearing a space helmet

Klick Ventures

When we believe in it, we invest in it.

We've founded and partnered with others to build and scale successful companies. We tap into a collective of a wide range of battle-tested skill sets and systematic thinkers to give a commercial execution advantage to every venture we partner with. We like having skin in the game and we do so by deploying our own resources and sharing the risk.

A Klick Ventures Case Study

A visionary idea that we grew together with our co-founders into an organization that was the first to disrupt the nonemergency medical transportation model. In response to a traditional transportation model that was severely outdated, we created a platform that customizes rides around a patient’s specific needs and ensures they get the care they deserve. We are proud to have helped to transform the healthcare transportation space, while simultaneously delivering advancements in cost savings, patient satisfaction, and appointment adherence. Learn more about Circulation and our successful exit in under two years:

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Circulation Application Map
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